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Sarah Fischer Interview

She’s serious about food safety, ensuring that every dish, every baked good she creates meets strict safety standards. And she’s also serious when it comes to throwing a great party, where amazing appetizers and signature cocktails meet.

Why do you do what you do?

I enjoy food, chemistry, and helping others, so food science is a great fit.

What part of your job do you consider crucial that others might overlook?

I take the time and effort to ensure food safety in everything I create.

When you’re home cooking, what album do you listen to?

I love cooking and baking at home to my favorite EDM (electronic dance music) 2010s playlist.

What’s your favorite dinner?

Home- smoked brisket with Cajun mashed potatoes, hot- from- the- oven bread, and what my husband calls  “How to Get a Wife Pasta Salad,” because he created and served this at the potluck picnic where we first met.

What blog, podcast, website or book do you go to for education on the industry?

The food chemistry and baking science textbooks from my undergraduate and graduate school classes are my preferred educational references. When I want to learn about new research projects in the industry, I check out the posters and presentations at food science conferences.  

What do you do exceptionally well?

Throwing amazing get-togethers with friends and family, serving appetizers and signature cocktails and curating great music and games.

What are you passionate about?

I am passionate about my stained glass hobby, although I’m currently focusing on my passion for family and hanging out with my son and husband.

Who has had the most influence on your career?

My aunt, who is also a food scientist.

What has been the most rewarding part of your time at MGP?

Assisting the Ingredients sales team with technical questions from customers and providing realistic options to help enhance the customer’s product. I feel lucky working with high quality ingredients that easily integrate into bakery and plant-based products.

What’s the biggest difference in food science today versus when you started?

Less is more. Make it even better with fewer ingredients and applications that are easier to prepare.

How would you describe MGP to someone who is unfamiliar with us?

Some people do not know that MGP is a multifaceted company with numerous products from textured proteins to beverage and industrial alcohol. There’s a focus on innovation and quality.

What’s the biggest misconception about your job and MGP?

The biggest misconception about my job is that I bake 24/7.

What is something great about MGP that no one knows about?

Some people do not know that our food scientists work onsite in our Atchison Tech Center. It includes a Sensory Room with taste-testing booths; Bake Lab with a variety of mixers, sheeters, and commercial ovens; a Textured Protein Lab with large meat processing equipment; Culinary Kitchen with attached conference room, and multiple Chemistry Labs with analytical equipment. It’s exciting to work with these tools every day.  Let me know if you’d ever like a tour or would like to work with our team on your next product.

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